A Healthy and Safe Environment For Your Child to Grow

Our Kids Karate classes will provide the guidance and proper foundation your child needs. We strive to teach them the most important life values such as respect, self-discipline, and confidence. Our passionate instructors take good time to get to know our students' strengths and weaknesses to develop better self-confidence. We will also teach them self-defence that will help them be braver and more sympathetic towards others. Along the way, your child will meet so many new friends while practicing their communication skills. 

A Personalised Learning Approach For Kids Ages 3-4

Our age-appropriate classes will help your child develop and feel comfortable with kids of the same experience. Our Little Dragons classes, suited for those ages 3-4, are the perfect way to introduce the value of discipline, following instructions, and respecting one's elders. Here, they will get to hone their confidence, learn to practice good behaviour, and be comfortable with social interaction. They will be exposed to colours, shapes, numbers, and the student creed, helping them achieve small wins and feel successful in class.